The city of the future revolves around people — the new Smart City Paradigm


Putting people at the heart of decentralised networking and technology-based innovations forms the basis of the new Smart Cities. If new solutions can improve the lives of many people living in towns and cities, they can also be used to develop business models. We are looking for smart product or service ideas exactly like those.

Examples of fields of action and technologies:


How the accelerator program works

It's all about impact — we're matching great ideas, an incredible community and global players.


For a period of six months, the program provides intensive support to four selected start-ups, while matching them up with suitable large companies. That's how to turn an idea into a success story that has the power to change the world.


Corporate Partners of the Hafven Smart City Hub accelerator


Just do it

Partnering first, funding second — this accelerator is about creating real value.


We are not only talking about stakes and venture capital, we're talking about doing - that's what this accelerator is all about. The Hafven Smart City Hub helps start-ups get off the ground and develop quickly. In short, to accelerate, do it 'Hafven style'.


Why you should join the party

Key benefits for start-ups



  • unlimited access to all Hafven locations
  • unlimited access to the Hafven coworking spaces
  • unlimited access to the Hafven wood, metal and prototyping workshops
  • testing and placement of products and services within the Hafven Community and the Hafven retail space (Café)


  • continuous corporate mentoring sessions with the corporate partners

  • continuous mentoring sessions with experienced business angels

  • continuous coaching sessions with program partners 

  • continuous sparring sessions with the founders of Hafven and others from the Hafven Community


  • part of an exclusive network of start-ups, corporates and institutions
  • Start-up in one out of eight „Startup-Zentren Niedersachsen“ initiated by the Ministry of Economics of the of state Lower-Saxony
  • access to a venture capital network during demo days

Meet the people