Main element of the Smart City Hub is matching the participating start-ups to corporate businesses.


These corporate partners from the leading industries form an important part of the strategy of being able to identify relevant ideas from start-ups, and to connect them with powerful clients and investors faster.


Start-ups - Class of Hafven Smart City Hub 01/2018

12booked offers the possibility to make appointments with a simple text message. With the help of an intuitive AI-based solution, it is possible for both end customers and service providers to manage appointments 24/7 fully automatically.

With a message such as "Haircutting tomorrow from 16 o'clock" or "Tire change Friday at 10 o´clock", the appointment request can be compared in real time with the appointment calendar of the salon or the workshop and confirmed. Both sides receive a calendar entry and the end customer an appointment notification before the appointment. This means an enormous time saving and a substantial well-being and loyalty factor at customer side. In addition to customer loyalty, the service provider particularly benefits from cost reduction, employee support and resource optimization.

innocado is the future of work — a new economy — that creates a more efficient and rewarding way of working together. The startup supports companies to utilize the workforce´s innovation potential by improving their level of cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Innocado systematically uses face-to-face interaction in order to foster engagement and creativity within the organisation. Artificial Intelligence creates new possibilities to build teams and foster opportunities. Innocado uses AI and Machine Learning to match employees with similar interests yet different competencies in order to develop ideas into innovation.

Niuwork is the brand for pioneers in the New Work Era. A platform for all, that believe in new ways of working.

For companies it is getting more and more difficult to attract potential employees due to war of talent. Nine-to-five working model is questioned- instead people wish to work more flexible: for instance only four days per week, remote, as digital nomads, or as freelancer, or with an homeoffice share. Where do employees find modern companies offering those attractive benefits? Where are modern companies outpointed?



Corporate Partners - Hafven Smart City Hub 2018


Volkswagen Financial Services


MADSACK Medien Hannover

Futur X


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Hafven does not only provide access to infrastructure — it also unlocks a new way of collaboration. More than 800 active members from start-ups to scale-ups use it to work on new solutions, stunning ideas and awesome technology. With the Hafven Smart City Hub we’re inviting corporates to join the party in order to build a powerful, one of a kind platform for Open Innovation and Co-Creation. Let’s do things!