Answers to frequently asked questions


When should we apply?

Right now! The application form is open. Please sign in to the form on our application page. 


When does the Smart City Hub start?

The next batch starts September 2018.


If we haven't already founded a company for our business concept, can we still take part?

Yes, but you should be focussed on transforming your concept into a company.


Can I apply as a solo founder without a team?

Yes, you can. But as we believe in the power of team work to accelerate fast, it´s important to work on this to find co-founders that cover the more necessary skills. In the end, this is much more fun and efficient. You can also use the Hafven Community and loads of events at Hafven to meet your future team.


We already received a funding or investment, can we still apply?

Great, if you can bring some money in and you've already passed a proof of concept. With this background you can focus even more and accelerate faster. Please provide more details in the application form so we can check them.


Can we combine the Smart City Hub with other accelerator or state-supported programmes at the same time?

If you have additional support of other experts and mentors – great. Taking part in parallel programmes costs a lot of time. Please be sure that you can take part in our programme full time. If you are unsure please tell us the details in the application form. We will check if it is possible.


What is the programme about and how much time do we need to invest for the programme?

The Smart City Hub is 6 months long. Working on your individual business milestones should be your main focus. Besides, the programme is fully packed with expert input, workshops, mentoring sessions, pitch trainings, networking events etcetera. If you want to accelerate fast, you should spend as much time as possible on all aspects of the programme. If you have doubts to have enough time or financial resources, let´s talk about it and we will give you feedback.


Do we need to move to Hanover?

You do not need to move to Hanover, but we expect a regular attendance from you during the programme. You will get a great working infrastructure with a big professional network. As we believe in collaboration and community power we highly recommend to spend as much time as you can in this environment where things just happen. Are you struggling to find time? Let's talk about options.

How can I apply for the Gründungsstipendium? 

Hafven is an officially accredited institution for the "Gründungsstipendium" of the Nbank (ündung/Gründungsstipendium/index.jsp). 
To apply for the Gründungstipendium you must participate in the Hafven Accelerator program. 


How far does our business concept have to be developed?

You should have at least done a proof of concept and developed first prototypes. Please show us if you already have some traction or even first clients – this makes your business concept even stronger!


Does our business idea have to come from the same business sector as the corporate partners?

We are convinced that learning from each other has a big value in itself. If there are options for collaboration – sounds even better. Our corporate partners offer a wide range of products and services and work on a lot of different topics within their companies, so being in the same business sector is not necessarily a basic requirement.


Do we need to apply in german or english language?

We accept applications in english and german. Please note: If there will be english speaking teams we will provide our sessions and events in english.


Further questions?