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Batch 04 ‘ 19: Lennart Heyner, Jan Patzer, Can Lewandowski, Steofanos Tsoutis, Kevin Raetz, Christoph Reinders, Mareike Seidel, Leon Gerhards, Alessa Schubert, Pepa Kern, Fabian Siefert, Andrea Kälin, Daniel Pflieger, Sven Geisenheiser, David Kräling

Hafven Innovation Hub Team: Dörte Roloff, Pauline Raczkowski, Jonas Lindemann, Jana Strüve


We'd like to introduce you to Batch 04 ’ 19


Avoid Waste

We make it easy for everyone to make the last mile of their food more sustainable. We develop a digital deposit system with sustainable boxes for food to go and package-less shopping. Waste-free and convenient at once.




The app Pfandgeben offers a platform for donating bottles anonymously or in person to people who collect returnable bottles. With every donation a person in need is directly supported and the donators saves time not having to return the bottles.



Salty Electric

Salty Electric wants to revive: brains, people, clubs! The eponymously idea behind Salty Electric is a drink made of water, lemon, ice and salt. With this simple recipe people shall party longer, healthier and with more awareness so that clubs and festivals generate benefits and revenue.



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