Who you're going
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Smart City Hub Team


Dörte Roloff
Lead Startup Coach, Hafven


Hendrik Schwedt
Head of Accelerator, Hafven


Jonas Lindemann
CEO, Hafven


Smart City Hub Coaches


Ricardo Ferrer Rivero
Expert Decentralisation & Technology, PEY


Besides Ricardo Ferrer Rivero from PEY as our Lead Expert we have a variety of coaches for the accelerator program.

Our program partners t3nKPMG and hannoverimpuls are working on different topics like marketing, technology, tax, legal, accounting and finance.

Besides we have different coaches and trainers for agile management, team building and entrepreneurial mindset. 


Smart City Hub Mentors


Mentors include our corporate partners from VWFS, NORD/LB, Madsack and Futur X, plus renowned founders and business angels who share their experience with start-ups in mentoring sessions. 

Short-list mentors: Björn Waide (smartsteuer), Andy Lenz (t3n Magazin), Thilo Haas & Kristian Lenz (Connox), Marc Junker, Christopher Buschow (HMTMH), C. & B. Lüders (Lüders Warneboldt), Tobias Wedler (IZ NDS).


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